HIIT Training is the Worst

I. Hate. HIIT. Training.

There. I said it. So what, fitness buffs? Come and get me!

For anyone in the dark (please stay in the dark in order to save your soul), HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s kind of become one of those Instagram fitness fads. I never had any intention of going anywhere near HIIT training. Everything about it looked miserable. All I could think was why would people willingly torture themselves like that? The fitness world has lost its damn mind.

I like yoga. I stick with yoga. That’s all I do and I’m fine with that. I don’t care about getting a six pack or losing a bunch of weight. I just want to move around a little more during the day. Nice, relaxing yoga, right? Can’t go wrong there. Or so I thought.

APPARENTLY, people have decided to ruin yoga by incorporating HIIT into it. I discovered this today while doing Lesley Fightmaster’s Yoga Fix 90 challenge. It was a HIIT workout for the abs. Everything about that sounded like bad news to me, but I figured what the hell? I’ve already committed to this challenge and I’m no quitter, so I’ll give it a go.

I regret everything.

I should have listened to my cat. He tried to warn me. He tried to protect me from the impending horrors, but I didn’t listen to him. Lesson Learned: Always listen to the cat, for the cat is wise and most holy.

Cat on a Yoga Mat
See? The brave little soul wouldn’t let me use my mat. I’m sorry, Jingles. I should have listened to your wise council!

First of all, I’m unable to do any kind of sit ups or crunches whatsoever because of extreme back pain. Two or three sit ups and my back is on fire. Nope. All of my nope. That was basically all this class was. Crunches and sit-ups and crazy aerobic nonsense with the occasional vinyasa thrown in. 





The entire point of yoga is to be relaxing. That’s why I started doing yoga. I needed a way to manage my Generalized Anxiety Disorder (yes, I know that sounds made up, but my doctor assures me that it is indeed a real thing and that I definitely have it). I wanted to incorporate a soothing, relaxing physical activity into my daily routine to keep my stress and anxiety levels at a manageable level.

Nothing about HIIT training is relaxing or enjoyable or in any way worthwhile to me. I was stressed out. I was frustrated. I kept collapsing from wobbly arms and burning ligaments until I was just barely half-assing every pose or sitting out poses entirely. I was not having any fun whatsoever. I felt utterly defeated and demoralized.

By the time I finally moved into the closing shavasana pose, I was so tense and aggravated that I physically couldn’t make myself unclench my jaw.

Yoga normally leaves me feeling refreshed and good about myself. It had the complete opposite effect today and it’s put me in a foul mood for the rest of the day.

As for Yoga Fix 90?

Like I said, I’m no quitter, so I’m going to continue with this 90 days of yoga to create a healthy habit. After all, creating a healthy habit is what I’m all about in this fitness journey and I’m very attached to Lesley as my instructor by now. She’s just lovely, but I plan to replace any future HIIT workouts with one of Lesley’s meditations instead.

HIIT training is just not something I have any interest in experiencing again. I’m stressed enough as it is. Let me relax!

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